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Seaside Startup Summit

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Seaside Startup Summit is a yearly non-formal startup event. The first summit was organized in 2016 in Armenia at Sevan lake’s shore. After that, they have organized Seaside Startup Summits already in UAE and GOA. The number of partners includes leading companies from different fields. The prize fund of the Startup Summit 2019 held in Armenia reached $100,000 and they covered more than 1000 000 investments.


Challenge & Cooperation


An SSS approached us for help in creating custom software that would facilitate the application process and event information for applicants. Moreover, the availability of an online platform for this startup was also crucial due to the fact that it would make its spread and fame more rapid. Thus, we not only created a user-friendly website but also integrated back-office processes. Our platform was integrated into the SSS camp security system, through which participants could buy tickets with a QR code and have access to the camp. This integration allowed the SSS team to have a more systematic registration process. Within 4 years of partnership, Weflex team has helped Seaside Startup Summit to have one of the user-friendly custom website that is constantly evolving with the design and technology changes.



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