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The William Saroyan House Museum is a single subject museum on the writer William Saroyan in Fresno, California. The aim of the “Saroyan House-Museum” project is to reveal the character and nature of the writer, allowing one to experience his lesser-known aspects, and convey these through unique non-traditional exhibits. For a complete representation of the prominent writer, the project has created a digital archive, composed of Saroyan memorabilia, photographs, paintings, graphics, movies, and audio recordings.


Challenge & Cooperation

In a constantly advancing digital world, Saroyan House Museum approached us with the idea to implement new features, as well as integrate a ticketing platform for the website. Our integrated ticketing platform provides museum visitors with easy ticket purchase and entry. Also, the new features enable the Museum to promote the life and legacy of William Saroyan and offer public education and events. Hence, through our web design integration, the Saroyan house museum website fosters a better focus on the goals of the project, resulting in a more complete and whole solution for our clients’ needs.


Yerevan, Armenia


Renaissance foundation


Ruben Voskanyan, Henrik Pangradyan


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