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Our offerings

We are here to help you with a variety of services:

• Knowledge Management Solutions

• E-learning platforms

Why Weflex?

What makes Weflex reliable for Your Educational Software Development?

• A full professional development team with a customer-oriented approach

• Our diverse technology stack experience and expertise in the education sphere

• Our UI and UX design provides special software development solutions to make your educational solutions unique

Knowledge Management Solutions

-to deliver user-friendly and learner-centric learning & development solutions:

A customizable application for converting documents into a specially prepared database that allows you to stay organized and collaborate with users anytime & anywhere. Weflex software approach simplifies the data discovery, control tools and management of documents. A great advantage and benefit for any educational institution or business.


• Knowledge Management Solutions technology consulting

• Knowledge Management Solutions website design and development

• Knowledge Management Solutions website integration with back-office processes and in-store operations

E-learning platforms

-to make the access and engagement of interested people anywhere and anytime possible:

Online learning has been on the rise in recent years, largely due to the convenience, cost, and accessibility the system offers compared to traditional learning. These distinctive benefits offered by E-learning platforms are the main reason for the customer acquisition. Moreover, it also allows companies to reduce the cost of instructors and learning materials. Thus, if your company has considered exploring how to build an eLearning platform, it’s the most convenient time to start and Weflex guarantees you unique content tailored to your business needs.


• E-learning platforms technology consulting

• E-learning platforms design and development

• E-learning platform integration with back-office processes

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